Links of Interest

Links of Interest

American Association of Endodontists - A national organization representing the specialty of endodontics or root canal treatment.

American Association of Women Dentists - Dedicated to enhancing and promoting participation and leadership for women in organized dentistry.

American Dental Association - ADA Online - Access to news, publications, and products and services related to dental health.

American Independent Dentist's Association - Dedicated to the survival of the concept of optimal care in dentistry, working to re-engineer organized dentistry and bring new tools to the education of patients.

American Medical Association - Another useful site with links to consumer health information, a vast AIDS information center, and a searchable database of more than 650,000 physicians.

EndoWeb - Provides the most up-to-date information of endodontic interest.

MedicineNet - Content-rich commercial site that includes interactive groups, an ask-the-doctor feature, a medical dictionary, comprehensive drug information, medical news, disease-specific information, and links.

Medscape - Searchable commercial collection of full-text articles from such useful sources as the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. - Not health-only, but this commercial site contains many pages of sophisticated, reader-friendly information on children's health issues.

Medical Matrix - Physician-maintained commercial database of annotated health links. Oriented toward medical professionals, but accessible to an educated layperson. A keyword search gets you to a subject index, from which you navigate to the links you want.

WebDental - An American-based dental database.


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